Don Bosco Ashalayam

“Don Bosco Ashalayam a part of the global network of the Salesians
of Don Bosco, is a New Delhi, Palam based, Non-Governmental,
Non-Profitable, Non – Political, Social & Charitable Organization. It
is Registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860. It is a licensed
children’s home (A Home of Hope) for Children: In Need of Care
and Protection (Street Children, Orphans, Homeless, Abandoned,
Unaccompanied, Neglected, Missing/Run Away, Lost & Found,
Children found begging, Trafficked Children, Child Laborer,
Marginalized Youth etc.)”

Service is the sign of true love, those who love know how to serve others"
~ Pope Francis

Promoting Human Rights

Human Rights are the basic rights that all of us are entitled to. They personify key values in our society such as respect, dignity, equality and fairness.

Care for our Environment

We believe that collaborative efforts are required to improve our environment, Through our green alliance programs, we are working to make our environment safe, clean and better for our future.

Focus on education

The christian teachings demands of us an option for the poor and marginalized who are neglected. Encouraging the young to undertake various activities for their all round development.

Bringing equality

Every Human is created in the image of God. Everyone is entitled to a life of dignity and respect. Human Values urge us to have an option for the poor and marginalized. Following Don Bosco, we have a preferential option for the young especially those who are poor.

Improving health of the poor

Working with the poor and marginalised to improve their health by providing free basic health facility, medical camps and medicines to them.

Working on eradication of poverty

Don Bosco works to provide skill training to the young children and women so that they can earn their own livelihood. 

Do you want to help the poor children?

Ashalayam gives you the opportunity. come, join us!